DU professor killed wife after dowry check bounced, relatives were also involved


Angry man killed his wife after check bounce of Rs 5 lakh found in dowry. This person is not an ordinary person, but an assistant professor of Delhi University associated with the profession of education. Police have arrested an assistant professor, along with his nephew, involved in the conspiracy to murder his wife in Delhi’s Burari area. So far, the police have arrested three people in this case. According to the police, the assistant professor had hatched a conspiracy to murder because of the check bounce found in dowry. According to the police, Assistant Professor Virendra was living with his wife Pinky and elderly parents. He was married to Pinky only about 9 months.

Virendra says that after marriage he did not get along with his wife and fights often took place. The incident is of Monday, when Rakesh, Virendra’s distant brother, killed Pinky at his house in Sant Nagar late on Monday evening. Then he himself accepted the crime by going to the police. Till now the police was treating Rakesh as the main accused, but when he started talking differently about the incident, the police got suspicious. Then the police were also stunned after hearing what was revealed in further interrogation. Rakesh told that Virendra had conspired with his nephew Govinda and him to kill his wife 15 days ago.


Virendra told the police that he was married to Pinky on 16 February this year. During this, Pinky’s family members had given a check of Rs 5 lakh as dowry. But this check bounced in the bank. Due to this he felt cheated and since then he was not getting along with his wife. When Pinky reached her in-laws’ house in August, she asked Rakesh to leave the house. Since then the plan to kill him was started. Together they had made a plan that after the murder, Rakesh would surrender and Virendra would stay at home to take care of the parents. After that he will try to get her bail.

Searched 300 cctv cameras, checked call details then revealed secret

The police officer involved in the investigation said that after Rakesh surrendered, Virendra was called from the hospital. The police had not informed about the incident and he too was behaving in such a way that he did not know anything. The police checked the call details and mobile location of Virendra and Rakesh. It happened both before and after the incident. The footage of about 300 CCTV cameras was scanned. After this, there was a clue of Virendra’s involvement. When the police interrogated by putting the evidence in front, he accepted his crime and told his nephew Govind also involved in it.


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