Drug mafia will be hit hard, NCB will increase international cooperation against smuggling


The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) will increase cooperation at the international level in the campaign against drugs. Efforts are underway to make the existing mechanism more active and identify new areas of cooperation with various countries. Apart from India, the ever-increasing drug smuggling is being considered a matter of concern in international forums as well. The reason for this is the use of proceeds from illegal drug smuggling in terrorist activities. Sources said that apart from strong cooperation from countries like US, UK, Australia, emphasis is being given to run anti-drug campaign in Quad and other multilateral fora.

India is constantly discussing DG level with Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Singapore. Apart from this, through SAARC Drugs Crime Monitoring Desk, BRICS, Colombo Plan, ASEAN Senior Officer Level Meeting, BIMSTEC, SCO, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, International Narcotics Control Board, also through information exchange and strengthening of intelligence network. The emphasis is on making.


Significantly, heroin, cocaine and morphine from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar and Nepal are supplied worldwide via India. Therefore, apart from NCB, international anti-drug agencies are keeping an eye on that route. Afghanistan is the largest producer of opium in the world. Annually 5000 to 6000 tonnes of opium is produced here. After the occupation of the Taliban, the concern of drug smuggling from here has increased more than ever. Agencies believe that the production of opium has increased further after the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan. America and Asia are the biggest buyers of opium here.

It is worth noting that in the year 2016, the police had recovered 18.5 tonnes of ephedrine in Maharashtra. This drug that lowers blood pressure is also used for intoxication. In the investigation of NCB, it has been found to increase the smuggling of various drugs along with ganja, charas, opium. The popularity of heroin is increasing rapidly. At the same time, cocaine is considered a high profile party drug. Hence its trend is increasing rapidly. Illegal trade of various drugs along the borders of India’s neighboring countries has been a matter of concern.


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