Dr. Harsh Vardhan said the lack of vaccine was nonsense, said – try to hide the failure


Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has termed the complaints of vaccine shortage on behalf of several states including Maharashtra as irresponsible. He said that this statement has been given to divert the attention of the people and spread panic among them. Dr. Harshvardhan also accused Maharashtra of trying to cover up its failures over the epidemic.


In a strongly worded statement, the minister rubbished the Maharashtra government’s claim of vaccine deficiency and said that the state’s “reckless attitude” undermined the country’s efforts in the fight against the virus. He said, ‘Maharashtra’s inability to act responsibly is beyond comprehension. Spreading panic among the people is to worsen the situation. The vaccine is being supplied according to the demand within the stipulated time and the state government is regularly informed about this. Allegations of vaccine deficiency are completely baseless. ‘

What to say of Maharashtra?

Earlier, Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope had said that many immunization centers in Maharashtra are being closed due to shortage of Corona virus vaccines and currently there are only 14 lakh doses in the state which will expire in three days.

On the demand of the leaders to open vaccination for all people above eighteen years, the Union Minister said that the primary goal of vaccination is to reduce the death ratio among the most at-risk people and to make the society capable of defeating the epidemic. He said, “As long as the supply of vaccines is limited, there is no other option but to prioritize. Let us know that Maharashtra and Delhi are demanding removal of the age limit for vaccination.

Harsh Vardhan said about Chhattisgarh that such statements are being made continuously, whose intention is to spread misinformation and nervousness about vaccination. He said that in order to reduce the death rate in Punjab, there is a need to quickly identify such patients who need to be hospitalized. He also said that a large number of states are mulling wearing masks and following the rules to maintain distance.


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