Doval made a strategy on the growing terrorism in Afghanistan, talks with the counterparts of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan


National Security Adviser Ajit Doval held bilateral talks with his counterparts from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on Tuesday in which developments in Afghanistan, possible threat of terrorism from Afghan soil and humanitarian crisis in the war-ravaged country were the main issues. Official sources said that during talks between Doval and Secretary of the Security Council of Uzbekistan Viktor Makhmudov, both sides felt that the legitimacy of any Afghan government within Afghanistan was more important than its international recognition.

He said the two top officials also agreed that neighboring countries should play a constructive role in Afghanistan and stressed the need for sustainable economic development in the war-ravaged country. Makhmudov and Tajikistan’s Security Council Secretary Nasrullo Rahmatzon Mahmudjoda are in Delhi to attend regional security talks on Afghanistan. Doval will preside over the talks to be held on Wednesday.


India is hosting the talks with an aim to build common views on concrete cooperation to tackle the growing threat of terrorism, radicalization and drug trafficking from Afghanistan after the Taliban took full control there. Sources said that in the bilateral talks, Doval and Mahmudjoda exchanged views with each other in detail on Afghanistan.


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