Don’t be under the illusion that Corona is over; Patients decreased due to less tests but no reduction in deaths, these figures scare


During the festive season across the country, there was a big drop in the tests of Kovid-19, with the effect that now fewer new infected patients are being found every day. But there has been no decrease in the number of infected patients dying every day due to corona. For example, according to Worldometers, 11,680 new patients were found in the country on Saturday while 393 deaths occurred. So many deaths were happening in a day even when about 50 thousand patients were being received every day. Experts say that if the tests are not increased, then the infected patients will not be detected in time, due to which the situation can become serious.

Kovid testing decreased as soon as the festival started

From the second week of October last month, there was a laxity in the day-to-day checks. This was the time for the beginning of Navratri in the country, with which many small and big festivals started across the country, so there was more interaction and crowd. In view of this, the governments should have expedited the work of investigation and contact tracing, but at the same time laxity started appearing.

Now on an average only 10 lakh tests are being done.

Since the second wave, on an average more than 15 lakh tests were being done every day in the country, on several days 20-20 lakh samples were also tested. But by October, the average daily tests have remained only 10 lakhs. Even on Saturday, only 8.10 lakh samples were tested in the country within 24 hours. Keep in mind that the more samples tested, the more infected patients can be detected in time, which will make it easier to isolate them. Otherwise, the infected people being unaware of their disease will spread the infection around them.

Decreasing testing, increasing negligence

Date——- Check Daily (Lakh)

01 October —- 15.17
06 October — 18.53

12 October — 13.25
18 October — 11.81

October 24 — 9.98
30 October — 12.57


November 06 — 8.10
Source –

The government had claimed that 45 lakh tests would be done every day.

On May 20, the then Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had said that the government aims to develop the capacity to test 45 lakh samples daily in the country by the end of June. A record 20.55 lakh COVID tests were conducted on that date. At present, the government believes that it has the capacity to test a little over 20 lakh samples every day. But even after four months of the set target, only one million tests are being done every day in the country.

Even now, if the testing is not increased, then the situation will be serious.

There are clear instructions from the World Health Organization that if fewer tests are done than the population, it will be difficult to trace the infected patient, which will clearly invite a dire situation of infection.

India at number five in terms of investigations

Country – Test Samples (per 1000 population)
Denmark – 1745

Italy – 1220
Canada – 863

New Zealand – 850
India – 438


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