Does PM Modi run dictatorship? Home Minister Amit Shah gave the answer


Home Minister Amit Shah, who is considered closest to PM Narendra Modi, has said that PM Modi takes a decision only after consulting all the people. He said that the opposition has systematically spread the lie that he runs his own to malign his image. The Home Minister also said that the PM does not take any decision out of stubbornness, but does take risks.

In an interview given to Parliament TV, the Home Minister was asked whether PM Modi is a totalitarian or runs a dictatorship? The Home Minister denied this and said that the opposition has deliberately tried to create such an image of him, when he takes decisions in a very democratic manner. Shah said, ‘I have seen Modi ji working closely, I have never seen an audience like Modi ji, for any problem, Modi ji speaks the least. Listening patiently to everyone and then taking the right decision, sometimes we even feel that so much thinking is going on. They take decisions very patiently and give importance to the smallest person’s suggestion on the basis of quality and not on the basis of person.

Shah further said, “To say that he is a decision-making leader is not true at all and those who have worked with him and those who have worked with him also have critics and they will also say this much. The cabinet would never have run in such a democratic way as in the democratic way as Modi ji being the Prime Minister, I have not seen an audience like him.

‘Deliberately trying to malign image’


Why is such an image of PM Modi being created? In response, Shah said, “After discussing with everyone, giving everyone a chance to speak, listening to everyone’s plus-minus points, then decisions are made. It is very unfortunate that I am going to speak…. some people who are our ideological opponents… that, whatever the truth may be… how to keep the truth in front of people by twisting, we see that effort too. You must have seen it too and because of this there has been a well-planned attempt to hurt the image.

‘Decision taking risk’

When asked that did PM Modi make decisions with stubbornness and taking risks? Amit Shah said that PM Modi ji takes a decision by taking a risk, it is right… because he believes and many times in public life he has also said that we have come to the government to change the country, not to run the government. have come. Our goal is to bring change within the country… to the people of 137 crores in the world, to take the world’s largest democracy to a respectable place in the world… which has been lying here for the last many years.


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