Does a mother kill her child like this? Video of mother beating 18 month old child goes viral on social media


Mother is considered an embodiment of kindness and love. But in Andhra Pradesh, a woman has put a blot on the image of the mother with her act. A sensational video of this woman has gone viral. In this video, a woman is brutally beating her 18-month-old child. Those watching the video on social media have demanded the arrest of the woman.

husband and wife living separately

Vaidivazhagan of Vallipuram married 22-year-old Tulsi four years ago. Both were to live in Motur village in Tamil Nadu. They had two children. According to the news of India Today, the two did not get along well and often used to fight with each other. Disturbed by this, Vaidivazhagan left Tulsi with her parents in Andhra Pradesh. After the video of the child beating went viral on social media, Vaidivazhagan’s relatives noticed it and immediately informed him. As soon as he came to know about this, he immediately reached Andhra Pradesh and brought the child with him to Villupuram. At the same time, the grandfather of the child has expressed ignorance about the matter.


Many videos found in mobile

In this heart-wrenching video, Tulsi is brutally thrashing her 18-year-old child. She was beating the child so mercilessly that blood started coming out of the child’s nose and mouth. Surprising information has come to light that Tulsi often beats her child and keeps recording his video on mobile. In another video, Tulsi is seen beating her child badly. At the same time, in a video, she herself is showing the back of the child, which has got red rashes due to the beating.


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