Dispute at Singhu border: How the riots started after the sudden stampede, see when and what happened on the timeline


One kilometer away from the farmers’ protest site on the Singhu border, a public road was blocked, but some people, claiming to be locals, were able to approach the protest site.

Sinhu border clash: Violence erupted on the Sinhu border between Delhi and Haryana on Friday afternoon, one of the main protesters in the ongoing movement against the agricultural law, even as police stepped up security at the protest site on Thursday night and civilians were stranded here. Two people have been arrested in the incident. But now the question is how did such a huge crowd get there when the police increased security and what was the whole incident?

We look at the timeline once-

What happened at the lion border?

12:00 pm Police stopped every ordinary person every kilometer away from every common place. Even water tankers were forbidden to reach the site.

1:00 pm- The police were comfortable calling all those people locals

1 p.m.: Calling himself a local, he went very close to protesting and chanting slogans like ‘traitor to the country ..’ and then started sabotage. These people break the tents of the farmers

1:30 p.m. Scamble and stone-throwing began on both sides.

1:45 pm SHO Pradeep Paliwal was preventing both the parties from clashing, both sides were throwing stones. Just then a man with a sword approached the farmers. In the middle, SHO Pradeep Paliwal came and attacked Pradeep Paliwal with a sword.


1:50 pm Police fired tear gas shells to bring the situation under control.

1: 50- Police arrested the sword driver.


2:00 pm- He continued to throw light weight stones. Then the police chased everyone away.

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Explain that a total of two policemen were injured in today’s violence. Police have arrested two people.


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