Didn’t get refund from Zomato because it didn’t come in Hindi…Know the whole ruckus


Food delivery company Zomato has once again come into the limelight. The latest case is from Tamil Nadu. Where a customer did not get the refund just because he did not know Hindi. In this case, the customer has shared the screenshot of the conversation with Zomato Customer Care on social media. After which the ruckus started. After which Zomato Care contacted Vikas and that customer care has been fired. He also apologized to his customers.

According to the information received, Vikas, a young man from Tamil Nadu, had ordered two Chicken Rice Bowl Combo (Chicken Rice + Pepper Chicken) in a restaurant. But he got only chicken rice order. Could not find paper chicken. In such a situation, he contacted Zomato Customer Care and inquired about the matter. In response, Zomato gave Vikas the restaurant’s number and asked him to inquire first.

When Vikas contacted the restaurant, the restaurant asked him to file a complaint on Zomato and seek a refund. Now Vikas has sought refund from Zomato Care but Zomato said that he has not received any such information from the restaurant. It is being told that Zomato contacted the restaurant about five times regarding Vikas’s order. Eventually Zomato tells Vikas that his problem cannot be solved as he does not know Hindi.

Vikas said in a chat with Zomato that if there is Zomato in Tamil Nadu, then they should hire people who understand the language. Vikas said that the call should be transferred to someone else and get me a refund. After this, it was replied from Zomato that Hindi is our national language. So it is very common that everyone knows a little bit of Hindi.


Sharing a screenshot of the conversation on his Twitter handle, Vikas wrote, “I ordered food on Zomato and missed an item. Customer care says money will not be refunded because I don’t know Hindi. It was also taught that being an Indian I should know Hindi.

Let us inform that after the ruckus on this tweet, Zomato Care contacted Vikas and that customer care has been fired. He also apologized to his customers.



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