‘Didi’ government can be formed again in Bengal in DU survey, BJP’s ‘lotus’ may blossom in Assam


Didi’s sting can once again happen in West Bengal. Whereas, the BJP is likely to form the government in Assam once again. A planned, scientific and objective online survey has been conducted to study the recent West Bengal and Assam assembly elections by a joint effort of the Developing State Research Center (DCRC), University of Delhi and Department of Political Science, University of Delhi. In which the possibility of forming Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal has been expressed.

The DCRC has projected the Trinamool Congress to get 149 seats out of 292 and 40.39 percent votes in West Bengal. Whereas Assam is expected to form the government of the Bharatiya Janata Party and their allies once again by getting 99 seats out of 126 seats.

The trend of electoral results by the Center is based on a study conducted on the voting behavior of 11502 voters from 292 Legislative Assemblies of West Bengal during March 21 to April 26 and 3466 voters from 126 Legislative Assemblies of Assam from April 21 to April 4, 2021. A total of 14,986 samples have been collected in the survey of the two states. Due to the cancellation of elections in the two assembly seats of the seventh phase of West Bengal, the survey has not been conducted on those two seats.

In this survey, about 1000 students and researchers of the Department of Political Science of Delhi University, through online questionnaire under the direction of two state coordinators and 10 phase coordinators, data related to the voter behavior of voters in eight phases of West Bengal and three in Assam. Compiled. Teachers, students and researchers working in various universities of West Bengal and Assam have also made special contributions in this survey. DCRC Director Prof. Sunil’s Chaudhary calls the planning format of the West Bengal and Assam Assembly Election Survey, its implementation structure and results, a big effort.

He says that this is the fifth major electoral survey conducted by the Center in the ‘DCRC Review’ series. The Center estimates the Trinamool Congress’s victory in the assembly elections held in West Bengal and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory in the Assam assembly elections based on its specific methodology.


Review 2021 conducted by the Center: Detailed description of the results of the West Bengal and Assam Assembly Election Survey are as follows:

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 Survey Results: An Overview

Trinamool Congress – 149 seats – 40.39 percent votes
Bharatiya Janata Party – 123 seats – 35.16 percent votes
Congress + others – 11 seats – 11.28 percent votes
Independents / Others – 9 seats, 5.69 percent vote
NOTA – 7.49% Votes

Assam Assembly Election 2021 Survey Results: An Overview

Bharatiya Janata Party (coalition) 99 seats, 52.03 percent votes
Congress (coalition) – 19 seats, 24.67 percent vote
Independents / Others – 8 seats, 14.47 percent vote
NOTA – 8.83 percent votes


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