Deshdilli HC’s question to center, why so much tax on medicines of black fungus? Remove import duty

Black fungus has become a distinct crisis amidst the corona virus crisis. Amphotericin injections used in black fungal disease are currently lacking in India, so it is being imported from outside. In such a situation, import duty on these drugs is a big issue. A hearing was held in the Delhi High Court on Thursday. During this time, the court has questioned the central government why the import duties on the medicines of black fungus are so high, while this medicine is coming in the way of saving the lives of the people.

During the hearing, the court said that there is a similar shortage of medicines in the country these days. In such a situation, these medicines are protecting people from black fungus at this time, then the central government should remove the custom duty or import duty on such medicines. The High Court has directed that if a person asks for medicines related to black fungus, then he will only need to give bond, not any duty.

On this, the Center has responded to the court that this comment will be passed on to CBDT and Ministry of Finance and it will be decided in the next one or two days. Let us know that after coming out of the havoc of Corona virus, which has become a big disaster for India, many patients are suffering from Mucaramicosis i.e. Black Fungus. This new disease has become a major headache for Corona patients. So far, more than 10 thousand cases of black fungus have been reported in the country.


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