Dengue cases in Delhi break five-year record


This time record breaking cases of dengue have been registered in Delhi. According to the report released on Monday, 5,277 cases of dengue have been reported this year. In the last one week, 2,569 dengue patients have been confirmed in Delhi. Talking about the figures of dengue, this time the maximum number of cases have been registered. A total of 1,072 cases were registered in the year 2020, while 2,036 were confirmed in 2019, 2,798 in 2018, 4,726 in 2017 and 4,431 in 2016. In a report released on Monday by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, it has been revealed that till the 13th of November, 3,740 cases of dengue were reported. So far 9 deaths due to dengue have been registered this year.

If we talk about the last few years, there were 10-10 deaths due to dengue in 2016 and 2017. There were 4, 2 and 1 death in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and 9 deaths have been registered so far this year. Apart from this, 166 cases of malaria and 89 cases of chikungunya have been reported so far this year. According to the report, a total of 1612 cases have been reported so far in the Southern Corporation, 1573 in the Northern Corporation area and 518 in the Eastern Corporation area. However, the addresses of 59 patients in New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area, 80 patients in Delhi Cantt and 1420 patients could not be confirmed. According to health experts, there are three primary factors for the increased cases of dengue.


First, every four years there is a spurt in the cases of dengue and it takes a terrible form, secondly, this time the monsoon was delayed in the city due to which water remained in many places and dengue mosquitoes grew rapidly. Third, the government has notified the disease and every hospital, clinic and lab has to report to the government. Dengue mosquitoes breed in clean and stagnant water, while malaria mosquitoes breed in dirty water as well. Dengue and Chikungunya mosquitoes do not travel very far. However, there may be trouble for people living within 50 meters of the stagnant water. When infected with dengue, the number of platelets starts decreasing.

Dengue fever causes pain in the head, muscles and joints, while there is pain behind the eyes, weakness, loss of appetite, pain in the throat. Dengue is not fatal but in severe cases the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. The most appropriate step is to prevent dengue mosquito from breeding. Such as removing garbage, preventing water from accumulating etc. A research done a few years ago said that in India about six million people are affected by dengue every year but these are not recorded.


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