Demand to ban alleged conversion therapy in India


There is no law against the alleged conversion therapy in all the countries of the world including India. Due to this, thousands of youth and teenagers are forced to face torture. Pavitra’s family members wanted to change her. He did not accept her being a lesbian. She says that first they took her to the general doctor, then showed her to the doctor of the brain, who asked the boys to watch porn and think about having sex. Then took her to the gynecologist, who only called Pavitra a victim of immorality after the results of the hormone test were correct. In the end, Siddha Vaidya made her drink alcohol in the name of treatment and Pavitra was not even conscious of what happened to her for the next 3-4 hours. She says, “The doctor told me to watch a lot of porn videos on the internet, but except lesbian porn videos. Not interested. First of all, it’s not all about sex. I’m not a lesbian just for sex.

It is related to love, connection at the level of emotion and soul. For me there is love first, then lust. But the doctor was talking to me only about sex” There are thousands of such stories. In September 2020, Pavitra left home and went to Kerala. But not everyone even gets a chance to get out. A few months ago in Goa, 21 years old Anjana Harish, a bisexual woman, committed suicide after suffering all the atrocities committed in the name of conversion. The victims are mostly teenagers or young people. Often the family members pressurize her to undergo so-called therapy. The drugs which are in the name of this therapy Pavitra tells about their effect, “I used to vomit. There was a severe headache. There was pain all over the body. I was being given a tablet which had a lot of side effects.

I was always sleeping. The family members also felt that if I had consumed any other tablet to commit suicide. But I used to be in a deep sleep” Torture in the Name of Treatment Conversion therapy aims to convert gay, lesbian or transgender people into heterosexuals. In addition to medical professionals, councilors and religious leaders also claim to have such so-called treatments. The lockdown and restrictions imposed during the Corona epidemic have made LGBT+ people socially more isolated. Cases doubled. Many LGBTQ plus people were stuck at home with their families who did not accept them. The family forcefully took her to the hospital and doctors to get her sexual orientation and gender identity treated. This is our one state experience. You can imagine the hardships LGBTQ+ people living across the country are facing.” See, a thousand-year-old Sex Toys Global Survey shows that four out of five people who undergo conversion therapy are under the age of 24, and nearly 50 percent Are under the age of 18. Malta first declared it illegal in Europe, but it is legally banned in only five countries, including Germany.


Rajshri’s organization, which has stated its gender identity as a bisexual woman, has filed a petition in the Kerala High Court to completely ban conversion therapy. She explains, “Most of the people affected come from an already marginalized community. Some have been imprisoned by the family and some are completely dependent on them for their livelihood. In such a situation, they themselves directly We are not even in a position to report and when we question the doctors, they simply retract. Unless there is a legal provision against him, it will not be possible for us to get anything from the victims in every case. It’s not practical to intervene once something bad happens. That’s why we want a concrete solution. We think a solid solution is to completely ban all conversion therapy,” Pavitra said to her girlfriend Marie Princy TJ Trying to be happy together and come out of depression caused by therapy. In India, the Supreme Court in 2018 had taken homosexual relationships out of the purview of crime and the Indian Psychiatric Society out of the purview of mental illness. Despite being extremely inhumane and ineffective, so called conversion therapy is still legal in many countries of the world including India. Report: Ashok Kumar Look, when there is love, calories burn.



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