Delta Plus-AY.4.2, a new variant of Corona found in India, has caused havoc in Britain


India’s Corona Genomic Surveillance Project is on high alert after sublinear cases of delta variants of SARS CoV 2 were detected in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

According to a report in Times of India, seven cases of this new variant were detected in Indore in the genome sequencing report released from the National Center of Disease Control (NCDC). Indore’s Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr BS Saitya said that two of the infected people are army officers posted in Mhow Cantonment.

The new Delta AY.4 variant has been detected in 1 percent of the samples in Maharashtra.

Scientists have indicated that the new variant may be more contagious and even more lethal than the delta strain. The new version, called AY 4.2, has now been announced as the ‘Version Under Investigation’ in the UK.

The health agency said in its report that the AY.4.2 delta variant accounts for about 6 percent of all sequences. “Delta remains the dominant variant. A Delta sub-lineage newly named as AY.4.2 is known to expand into England,” the report said.


AY.4.2, called “Delta Plus” and now named VUI-21OCT-01 by the UK Health Protection Agency (UKHSA), has been under close scrutiny in recent days, as evidence suggests that it spreads more quickly than the major delta version.

The NCDC report said the sub-lineage had caused an increase of Covid-19 in Indore district in September, when Covid-19 infections increased by 64 per cent in August.

The UKHSA is examining all available data relating to the variant of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 in the UK. AY.4.2 belongs to the same family of mutations that define B.1.617.2, or delta, the type of novel coronavirus that was first identified in India in October last year. The new delta variant sparked a second wave of cases in the country.

Highlights of AY.4.2 Version:

>> Potentially a slightly more infectious strain.
>> defines B.1.617.2, or delta.
>> There is no clear indication that it is significantly more permeable than the delta version.
>> Not as big a threat as the Alpha and Delta variants.
>>AY.4.2, called “Delta Plus” and now renamed VUI-21OCT-01.
>> Now announced as ‘Version Under Investigation’ in the UK.


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