Delhi may have blackout, NTPC has halved power supply: Satyendar Jain


Delhi Energy Minister Satyendar Jain said on Tuesday that there is no coal power plant in Delhi regarding the power crisis arising across the country due to shortage of coal. We buy power from coal plants located in other states. NTPC has halved the production capacity of all its plants. There could be two reasons for this, firstly the lack of coal or secondly the Center has asked them to do so.

Jain said that Delhi used to get about 4000 MW of electricity from NTPC, but today even half of it is not getting electricity, which is worrying. There is a power crisis in the whole country. He said that the blackout in Delhi depends on whether the central government will provide electricity or not. As long as we keep giving electricity, there will be no blackout, now only half of the electricity is being given. We are giving it to the people by buying expensive electricity. The Center has halved the production of all the plants in the country simultaneously.

The Delhi government was forced to buy expensive gas-based power as well as at higher market rates after Delhi’s power minister said on Monday that NTPC has halved the 4,000 MW power supply to the city. . He claimed that most of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plants are working with 55 per cent capacity as they have only a day or two of coal left. He said that Delhi buys most of the power from NTPC, but its supply has been halved.

Jain said that NTPC gives us 4000 MW of power, but it has reduced this quantity to half at present. Due to this we have to generate electricity through gas, which costs Rs 17.25 per unit. Delhi has three gas based plants with a total capacity of 1900 MW.

The Energy Minister had said that the Center has abolished the quota of cheap gas. We have to buy it and its production cost is Rs 17.50. Apart from this, due to the crisis, we have to buy electricity at high rates at Rs 20 per unit. Jain said that instead of dismissing the talk of coal crisis, the Center should accept it. The Chief Minister of many states including Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath have written letters to the Prime Minister on this issue. He said that Punjab is also facing power cuts.

Power situation in entire country very serious: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that the power situation in the entire country is very critical. Kejriwal said all efforts were being made to deal with the power crisis and his government did not want any emergency to arise. He told the media persons that the situation in the entire country is very serious. Many Chief Ministers have written to the Central Government about this. Everyone is trying together to rectify the situation.

Amit Shah took charge on coal crisis

Amidst reports of coal crisis in the country, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday called on Power Minister RK. Singh and Coal Minister Prahlad Joshi. During the hour-long meeting, the three ministers are believed to have discussed the availability of coal to power plants and the demand for power at the moment. Top officials of the Ministry of Power and Coal attended the meeting. Officials said the meeting came in the wake of several states warning of a possible power crisis due to short supply of coal to power plants. According to the data of the Ministry of Power, the consumption of electricity was 390 million units on October 8, which was the highest so far this month (October 1-9). The spurt in power demand has become a matter of concern amid the ongoing coal crisis in the country.

It may be noted that Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (DDL), a unit of Tata Power, which deals with power distribution in North and North-West Delhi, on Saturday sent a phone message to its consumers in a prudent manner due to limited availability of coal. requested to use electricity.




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