Delhi is suffocating: White sheet of snow seen in Yamuna river, fear of great danger


Delhi’s air is also becoming difficult to breathe after Diwali fireworks and stubble fumes from neighboring states. The condition has become such that white foam has started appearing in the water of Yamuna river. From afar, this white sheet of snow is visible, but after coming closer the reality came to the fore that it is not snow but a toxic foam. The amount of lethal ammonia in the water of Yamuna river has increased.

On Monday, the holy Yamuna river, on the day of Chhath, came to the fore. It is natural to get scared once seeing this picture. This foam visible in the Yamuna river is poisonous. This poisonous foam can make people extremely ill. Delhi is already battling with air pollution since Diwali. Now a hallmark of how dangerous the life of people has become here can be known by looking at the Yamuna river. From a distance, it seems as if a white sheet of snow has spread on the surface of river Yamuna, but it is poisonous foam.


Despite the ban on firecrackers in Diwali, people burst firecrackers fiercely. At the same time, the work of stubble burning is also going on in the surrounding states. This is the reason why Delhi’s air has become toxic. At the same time, the level of lethal ammonia has increased in the water of Yamuna river. Due to which foam has formed in the river, which looks like a sheet of ice.

In Delhi, the Yamuna water is also polluted by the release of chemicals from the factories in the surrounding areas into the river. Here the water of the sewerage of the dyeing industries, washing ghats and households, which contains a lot of detergent, this water is also being released here. A large amount of phosphate is found in this waste, due to which a poisonous foam is formed in the water.

Let us tell you that after Diwali, air pollution in Delhi NCR is at its peak. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS on Air Pollution in Delhi has also said that breathing in Delhi’s air has become more harmful than smoking cigarettes. He also warned that there is a risk of spreading corona due to this pollution.


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