Delhi government’s strictness on pollution, vehicle owners should carry PUC certificate or be ready to face punishment


Anticipating a rise in pollution levels in the capital Delhi ahead of winters, the Delhi government has asked all vehicle owners to carry a valid Pollution Control (PUC) certificate to avoid penal action, including suspension of driving license for three months.

A public notice issued by the Transport Department of the Delhi government on Sunday said that vehicle owners caught without a valid PUC could face a jail term of six months or a fine of Rs 10,000 or both. Apart from this, driving license can also be suspended for three months.

The notice said that the Transport Department of the Delhi government, as part of its efforts to control pollution and improve air quality in Delhi, has requested all vehicle owners in Delhi to drive vehicles with a valid Pollution Control Certificate.

Vehicles are regularly tested for polluting substances such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, after which they are given a PUC certificate.

The public notice states that all vehicle owners are requested to get their vehicles checked at the Pollution Testing Centers authorized by the Transport Department to avoid any penalty/imprisonment/suspension of driving license.


There are more than 900 pollution testing centers in Delhi authorized by the Transport Department. These have been installed at petrol pumps and workshops spread across the city so that motorists can access them easily.

These centers operate pollution testing facilities and issue PUC certificates to vehicles complying with the prescribed pollution norms. PUC authentication is created real time and linked with vehicle registration database.

It has improved the reliability of PUC certification by minimizing human intervention and helps in identification of polluting vehicles for necessary penal action. In case of two wheelers and three wheelers running on petrol and CNG, the pollution check fee is Rs 60. For four wheelers it is Rs 80. The fee for pollution test certificate of diesel vehicles is Rs 100.

As per the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, for every motor vehicle (including vehicles running on BS-I/BS-II/BS-III/BS-IV as well as CNG/LPG) one year from the date of its first registration Must have a valid PUC certificate after the expiry of the period. However, the validity of four wheeler BS-IV compliant vehicles is one year and for other vehicles three months.



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