Delhi: A fire broke out at a kabaddi shop in Kirtinagar, spreading to slums, killing three people


A fire broke out at a kabaddi shop near Kamala Nehru Camp in Kirtnagar around 11pm on Thursday, spreading to nearby slums. Three people died in the incident.

Three people were killed in a fire at a scrap shop and a nearby slum in Delhi’s Kirti Nagar on Thursday night. The fire spread from the kabaddi shop and the nearby slums also caught fire. An eight-year-old child was among the dead. Police have filed a case of murder in the incident.

Police said a fire broke out at a scrap shop near the Kamala Nehru camp in Kirti Nagar around 11pm on Thursday, after which several fire engines were brought by police. The fire reached the slum next to the scrap shop.

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Manu, who works in a raw material shop, lives with his family in this slum. After the fire, when police recovered three burnt bodies from the wreckage, they found the body of 20-year-old Rohit, a driver by profession, another 8-year-old child. According to the police, Rohit was standing there and engulfed in flames.



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Police believe the primary cause of the fire was a short circuit. A case of culpable homicide has been filed against junk shop owner Tony Mahato and an investigation is underway.

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