DCPR’s new portal will keep ‘eyes’ on children who do not come to school, this will help in times of crisis


The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has developed an early warning system to help government schools take appropriate steps in case a student is absent for a long time.

The technology-based system will help government schools in preventing drop outs by helping them track student attendance. It will also help children in high risk situations.

DCPCR President Anurag Kundu said that if a child is absent for more than seven consecutive days or the attendance is only 30 per cent in a month, the system will send an SMS in Hindi to his parents, which will give a message that the child is at school. is not coming and is waiting for him at school.

The next day, the parent will receive an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call, where a recorded message will prompt the student to return to school.

On the third day, the parents will receive a call from the teacher, asking them the reason for the child’s prolonged absence from school. After knowing the reason, the teacher will give the detailed information in the portal.


The child will be assisted by the school and if there is a predominant cause, for example in the death of either the mother or the father or both, the DCPCR and other bodies will come forward to assist the child. Kundu said that he started working on the project in October and was supposed to start it in April, but the second wave of coronavirus put his plans on hold.

He explained that if a child is absent for a long time, it is an indicator that they are facing a major crisis at home which is affecting their studies. He said that this crisis can also be due to loss of income of parents, early marriage, child labour, illness of parents, disability etc.

He said that this system will detect early signs, which is a long period of absence from school and help the authorities to work on it before the situation worsens. So far 250 principals of two districts have conducted an orientation program on this system. The system is going to monitor the physical classes.



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