Dalit politics heating up before the assembly elections of five states, the effect will also be seen in UP


Dalit politics has started heating up ahead of the assembly elections in five states. In Punjab, by betting on the Dalit Chief Minister, the Congress has not only tried to improve its equations in the state, but has also activated all the parties. The BJP also made Baby Rani Maurya, who left the governor’s post without delay, as the national vice-president. In fact, the way BSP chief Mayawati reacted after Charanjit Singh Channi’s coronation and BJP also fielded its Dalit leaders, it is clear that all the parties are understanding the importance of the stakes of Dalit politics.

These equations related to Dalit politics will not be limited to the assembly elections of five states only, they can also have an impact on the next Lok Sabha elections. The Dalit population in the country is 16.6%. But its number is 32 percent in Punjab and 22 percent in Uttar Pradesh. In such a situation, it has a great impact on the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Dalit politics has not been successful in Punjab due to the lack of relation between bread and daughter among the major castes of the Dalit community. BSP’s founder Kansi Ram was from Punjab, but due to this he too could not build the base of BSP in the state.

Will affect the politics of the country

Congress’s Dalit Chief Minister’s card may work more or less in Punjab, but its effect will be in the politics of the country. Charanjit Singh Channi is at present the only Chief Minister coming from the Dalit community in the country. There are 17 governments in the country with the cooperation and support of BJP and NDA, but not a single Dalit Chief Minister is there. This is the only Dalit Chief Minister in the country after 2015. Earlier in 2015, Jitan Ram Manjhi became the Chief Minister of Bihar. Although the first Dalit Chief Minister of the country was given by Bihar itself, when Bhola Paswan became the Chief Minister in 1968. Mayawati has been the only Dalit Chief Minister in Uttar Pradesh.


Equations can change for assembly elections

The emergence of Dalit politics is very important at that time when the stakes are going on to align Brahmins with OBCs in the assembly elections of five states. BSP chief Mayawati is not only the biggest Dalit face of the country, Congress is also trying to bring back its lost Dalit base. In such a situation, BJP is also not going to lag behind. Since Uttar Pradesh is more important than Punjab and Dalit politics is also dominant there.

Uttar Pradesh will have more impact

By making Baby Rani Maurya the national vice president, it is clear that BJP can make her a prominent Dalit face in the state. By making him the national vice president, his role will be played across the country as well. Since Maurya comes from the Jatav community to which Mayawati is also, she will try to make a dent in the BSP as well. Jatav constitutes 12 per cent of the 22 per cent Dalit community in Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, SP is also involved in this race. Recently, Indrajit Saroj left the BSP in Uttar Pradesh and joined the SP.


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