Cryptocurrency should not become a weapon of terror funding and money laundering, the strategy under the chairmanship of PM Modi


An important meeting was held on Saturday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this meeting, serious discussions were held on cryptocurrencies and related issues. Government sources are being told that discussions were held in this meeting to thwart any attempt to mislead the youth by making false promises and luring them with money. It was decided in the meeting that the government would continue to hold discussions with experts and stakeholders regarding cryptocurrencies.

In this meeting led by PM Modi, it was also discussed that the floating crypto market will not be allowed to become a weapon of money laundering and terror funding. A concrete strategy has been prepared to make better efforts in this direction. Expressing concern over the misuse of crypto currency, the government has discussed measures to deal with it.


Sources said the need to stop attempts to mislead the youth through lucrative advertisements was also discussed in the meeting. Sources said, “The government is aware of the fact that it is an advanced technology, so it will be closely monitored and proactive steps will be taken. It was also agreed that the steps taken by the government in this area would be progressive and visionary.

This important meeting comes at a time when the Congress has recently accused the multi-crore bitcoin scam and the BJP government in Karnataka of hiding it and demanded an independent inquiry into the matter.


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