CRPF exercise, mentally disturbed jawans will get unarmed deployment,


After the incident in the CRPF in Sukma, Chhattisgarh on Monday, once again the issue of mental health of the jawans is in discussion. Once again there is talk of implementation of the proposal, in which there is an emphasis on identification and counseling of people facing mental trouble or stress due to some reason, giving them easy deployment without arms or ammunition. The jawans have also been asked to establish a chaupal for continuous dialogue. Sources said that there is a proposal that after observing unusual behavior in a jawan and confirming it after continuous monitoring, an administrative decision needs to be taken regarding deployment of such jawan without ammunition.

effort at multiple levels

Efforts to reduce the tension of the jawans are going on at many levels. But many cases of suicides and attacks on fellow soldiers have been reported continuously in paramilitary forces. Under the new decree, it has been decided that senior officers will interact with the jawans informally. Recently, CRPF DG Kuldeep Singh has asked the forces to organize a meeting like a village.

Increased incidents due to mental stress

From the year 2020 till September 13 this year, 101 cases of suicide were registered in the CRPF. The numbers are staggering compared to 116 cases in 2017, 2018, 2019 combined. In the year 2020, there were 60 cases of suicide in CRPF. Whereas, this year 41 committed suicide. In the year 2018 and 2019, this figure was 36 and 42 respectively. In most cases, mental stress is attributed to domestic or other reasons as the reason for suicide or attack on peers.


stress reduction exercise

In order to reduce the stress of the jawans, there has been talk of giving them necessary leave, changing the rigid postings from time to time and connecting them with yoga etc. The satisfaction level of the soldiers regarding leave has been very low. Under the new exercise ‘Choupal’, senior officers of all units will interact with juniors. The groups for conversation will be kept small. Senior officers will have 1-2 hours long conversation with the jawans. A group will consist of 18-20 jawans. During the meeting, the personal life of the jawans will be discussed primarily. Confidentiality of the conversation should be maintained.

Keep an eye on calm or troubled soldiers

In the security forces, it has been said to pay special attention to those soldiers who are troubled or are going to be calm. In another letter, the CRPF has said that the battalion commanders should identify the jawans who are in depression due to various reasons.


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