Cow in saffron colored clothes was told ‘India’, political controversy broke out over cartoon in Kerala


A political controversy has erupted in the state over a cartoon awarded to the Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi. State BJP has opposed the respect given to this cartoon and also termed it as insulting to India. A few days back, the Academy had decided to honor a cartoon made by Anoop Radhakrishnan. In this cartoon, representatives of different countries are seen summiting on Kovid-19 and a cow covered in saffron cloth is shown on the chair of India.

Criticizing the Akademi’s decision, Kerala BJP chief K Surendran said that those who love their country will never think again to oppose it if people in responsible positions try to insult their own country.

K Surendran tweeted, “What Lalitkala Akademi has shown is nothing but absurdity. Those in power are trying to insult the motherland, patriots will not think again to oppose it. It is up to the state government to control the academy. Otherwise, people will be forced to do this.

At the same time, according to Academy Chairman Nemom Pushparaj, the cartoon has been selected for the award by a jury of eminent cartoonists. He said, ‘We have no contribution in choosing it. Earlier, the Akademi had also given an award to cartoons in which our Chief Minister was criticized.




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