Covid beds in Mumbai are empty, there are no beds for patients with common ailments


The incidence of covid in Mumbai is declining rapidly, with 98 per cent of the beds at the covid jumbo center empty, and the hospital lacks staff and beds for patients without covid.

Mumbai Coronavirus: Coronavirus infection Things are fast However, health workers are not getting relief as the number of non-covid patients has increased by 60 percent. The Covid Jumbo Center in Mumbai has 98 per cent empty beds and on the other hand the hospital has no beds and staff for unwanted patients. Resident doctors in Mumbai are opposed to it. He said the hospital has 5 doctors out of 200 patients, while Covid has 40 doctors on top of six patients.

The Covid bed is empty and a few of the Covid patients are in the ICU. Less than 500 cases of coronary heart disease occur in Mumbai every day and the death toll is declining to 10. At the Nesco Covid Jumbo Center in Mumbai, 98 per cent of the beds are empty. Dr. Neelam Andred, dean of the Nesco Jumbo Center, said: “There are a total of 2,000 beds, with only 633 patients.” Every day, only 2-3 patients come. The burden is completely reduced. ”

At the same time, the number of non-covid patients increased by 90%. Now ordinary patients are going to the hospital in bed. Resident doctors of BMC’s KEM Hospital are complaining about the increase in duty through meetings. Doctors and staff sent to the Jumbo Center for Kovid must now be brought back to the hospital, they claim.

Resident physicians at KEM say the load has increased by 99%, working 24 hours a day, with no one listening. There are many complaints. Kovid is no more, but work is not slowing down



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However, Covid is running a vaccination campaign by doctors and staff posted at jumbo centers. Five units of vaccine are being administered at the Nesco Covid Jumbo Center in Mumbai. So far, more than 1,500 healthcare workers have been vaccinated here, an increase of 15 units. Covid Ward staff need to be vaccinated here. Vaccine promotion is also going to be long.


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