Covid-19: What things can be spread in closed rooms, corona virus will soon be known, know how


What can spread the corona virus in closed rooms? Is it safe to organize recreational activities in a closed stadium amidst the epidemic? German researchers are preparing to organize a live music concert to find answers to these questions.

On August 22, Leipzig will host the famous concert of famous singer Tim Bendzko at the proposed concert in a closed stadium. Researchers at Martin Luther University will try to find out what areas they touch and which areas they touch the most with the help of the audience involved in the concert. This will help in gaining an understanding of the most susceptible surfaces to the virus.


Keep an eye on the location of every second.

-Dr. The study, led by Stephen Moritz, will wear a necklace equipped with state-of-the-art sensors around the neck of all participants. This necklace will also show the location of the participants every five seconds along with how close they are to others.

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The most commonly touched surface will be identified

– Fluorescent sanitizer will be placed in the hands of the participants. Whatever surface they touch with this, they will be seen glowing on the computer screen. The Fog machine will be used to investigate what role ‌Aerosol (micro-drops of water from the nose and mouth) play in spreading the SARS-Cove-2 virus.


Testing will be done 48 hours before the study.

According to Moritz, four thousand participants aged 18 to 50 will be included in this study to be done under the ‘RESTART-19 Project’. All participants will be subjected to corona examination 48 hours before attending the concert, whose report will be required to come in negative.

Effects will be assessed in three phases

1. Not implementing social distancing: All participants wearing masks will enter the stadium through two doors. They will not be able to mingle with each other.
2. Adherence to social distance: Entry of participants will be arranged through eight doors. Only one seat will be allowed to sit.
3. Half meter mandatory: Two thousand participants will get admission in the stadium of 12 thousand capacity. One and a half meter distance will be mandatory.

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