Country ‘Vaccine King’ Cyrus Poonawala also visited London, know what he said on ‘Quit Country’


Cyrus Poonawala, president of the Poonawala group, which includes vaccine-maker Serum Institute of India, has moved to London a few days ago with his son Adar Poonawala. He, however, dismissed the allegation that he had left the country. Speaking to The Sunday Express from London, Cyrus Poonawalla said that he has come to London to spend a regular summer vacation. He does this every year in May. He said that in this time of crisis, the allegation of him or his son leaving the country is false and malicious.

He said, “Ever since I can remember, I have been out of India in the month of May. Everyone wants to take a summer vacation. This time it is not new. ”Let me tell you, Cyrus Poonawalla is also known as the ‘Vaccine King’ of India.

Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India, which has so far supplied almost 90 per cent of Kovid vaccines in India, has been in London for more than a month. In interviews, he complained of threats from politicians and “powerful individuals”. He had said that efforts were being made to pressurize them to supply Kivoshield vaccines.

India is struggling to meet the demand for vaccines. This is attributed to the government’s failure to secure stock for domestic use and the Serum Institute’s failure to increase production on time. In a statement in London on 3 May, Adar Poonawalla said that it was not possible to accelerate vaccine production overnight. He also said that his company is doing everything possible to increase capacity and will work even harder to achieve this.


On 1 May Adar Poonawala said in a tweet that his stay in London is temporary and he plans to return to India in a few days. Now his father has also joined him in London. His father Cyrus Poonawalla has insisted that the family visit London regularly. According to The Indian Express, he said, “I used to bring him to London since Adar was a child. Their children are now studying abroad. This is a regular visit he does so often. ” He added, “As far as we are concerned, it is an annual holiday time. In fact, almost every year, I participate in the derby in England in the first week of June. “

Poonawala also said that the company is looking at launching some new schemes in Europe. He said, “Our production of Corona vaccine is going on in India. We are talking with manufacturing units in Europe. It is too early to disclose further details. ” Sources close to the family in Pune said that the Serum Institute is looking at a few sites in Ukraine apart from the UK, to build new facilities to accelerate production.



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