Coronavirus: Why has the incidence of coronavirus increased again in Delhi?


Medical experts say one of the reasons for the rise in coronavirus infections in Delhi over the past few days is the lack of wearing masks and violating physical distance laws.

Medical experts say one of the reasons behind the rise in coronavirus infections in Delhi over the past few days is not wearing a mask and violating the rules of physical distance. He still considered the situation a ‘health emergency’. From doctors at reputed hospitals to laboratory officials across the country, everyone believes that there has been a sudden change in the mindset of the public, especially the youth, and they feel that ‘everything has become normal’ after the lockdown has eased. Is

Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital Director BL Sherwal said, “We see that most of the youths started taking pictures of themselves on social media while walking, traveling in cafes or restaurants. It is a dangerous trend. Sherwal said, ‘It sends a wrong message to people. Things that are common now, the economy is slowly opening up.


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He said, ‘A large number of people who come out of the house either do not wear masks or hang their masks with their chins. It can spread the infection suddenly and is one of the reasons for the rapid increase in the number of infections in the last few days. People should not play with their protection.

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With the highest number of 2,024 new cases reported in Delhi on Sunday, August, the total number of victims rose to 1.733 lakh, and the death toll rose to 4,424 after the death of 22 patients. Earlier on Saturday, 1,954 new cases of the new infection were reported. There have been about 1800 cases in the last two days.


Suranjit Chatterjee, a senior adviser at Apollo Hospital, said that as the economy opens, people come into contact with each other, leading to a rapid increase in infections.

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He said, ‘In July, the incidence of infections in Delhi started decreasing. Meanwhile, the economy has been slowly opening up since June because the economy cannot be closed indefinitely. This does not mean that people no longer consider it a health emergency. There was an idea in some people that everything was fine now.

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Arvind Lal, acting president of Doctor Lal Path Lab, warned that people should avoid going out unnecessarily, as they could become infected if they come in contact with symptoms that were not seen. “We are still in a state of health emergency and we should not forget that,” he said.

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