Coronavirus: Union Home Ministry warns West Bengal government about violation of lockdown, saying – rules are being ignored


new Delhi: The West Bengal administration’s negligence regarding the Corona virus lockdown has been taken very harshly by the Union Home Ministry. In a letter sent to the West Bengal government, the Home Ministry has clearly stated that if such negligence continues, Corona virus can wreak havoc in West Bengal. The Ministry has also given instructions to the West Bengal administration that strict steps should be taken in this regard.

Several reports were received by the Union Home Ministry regard ing the lockdown in many areas of West Bengal. These reports indicated that due to the negligence of the local administration, no care is being taken of social distance etc. Even the local police And politicians are also not serious about this.


The Union Home Ministry had asked for preliminary facts from various central government agencies in this regard and during the assessment of these facts, it was found that there is indeed a lot of negligence going on. After this, a strong instruction letter was sent by the Union Home Ministry to the Chief Secretary and Director General of Police of West Bengal.

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This letter sent to the West Bengal administration clearly states that the local administration is also allowing the opening of non-essential goods shops, as well as in markets with essential goods like Raja Bazar Topsia, Matiaburj, Narkeldanga, There is no social distancing of any kind in the markets of Iqbalpur, Garden Reach, Maniktala etc. The local police has given permission to take out the religious festivals and the free ration which should be distributed to the respective institutions is being distributed by the politicians there.


The letter clearly warns the local administration that if the conditions are not rectified, the Corona virus could wreak havoc in West Bengal. It has been written in the letter that strict steps should be taken in this regard and the Union Home Ministry should also be informed about what strict steps the administration should take.

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Globally, it has been recognized that corona is a terrible epidemic and social distancing is the major remedy. In such a situation, the state government should leave politics of accusation and focus on its people because if the people remain, then the state will also remain.

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