Corona World LIVE: France 24 hours in 96 deaths in Nepal, the corona from the first death, 29-year-old girl by broken own



The world the global epidemic of Corona, havoc from constantly grappling is. This virus the death toll from three million eight thousand more than have been and concerts, the number of 46 million 28 thousand has been exceeded. While 17 million 58 thousand more people than the corona, the CheckMate is given. In the world most affected country in the U.S. the number of dead 88 thousand has been exceeded and 14 million 84 thousand people are infected. Read here worldwide in Corona related to all updates…


Corona virus update

Who the disinfectant sprayed advised not to
  • The World Health Organization (who) has corona virus for the extermination of disinfectant sprayed advised not to have. Who said that it benefits the place of the damage would be much.

France in 24 hours in 96 deaths

  • In France the corona virus in the last 24 hours 96 people died, after which here the number of dead increased to 27,625 has become.

Nepal in the corona from the first death, 29-year-old girl by broken own
  • In Nepal today the corona virus due to Sindhupalchowk district, the 29-year-old woman died. Corona epidemic in the country due to it’s first death. Country in the concrete can number 281 was as follows: Nepal Ministry of Health

Iran in the last 24 hours in 1757 the new case, 35 people dead

  • Iran on Saturday in the last 24 hours in the corona of the virus 1757 new cases have surfaced, and 35 people died. However, seven since March of this death to the lowest figure. This information of the minister of health given.
  • Country in the concrete the total number of 1,18,392 has grown, while the Corona due to the epidemic so far 6,937 people have died.
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In China corona virus 21 new case
  • In China on Saturday, the corona virus of 21 new cases have come to the fore, including, without symptoms 13 case are included. These new cases with the country in case of infection surpasses 82,941 have reached. This information, health officials reported.
  • Wuhan city in the mass of people began to examine from where this outbreak began. China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said on Friday that the front came to Corona eight of the new athletic cases from six such people who have come from outside the are.
In Singapore 465 new case, enter concrete number of 27000 across
  • In Singapore Corona-positive of 465 new cases are entered. Subsequently, the country in concrete the total number of 27,356 has become.
  • A senior minister warned that the state of cities in transition in the number of growth.
Pakistan in 1581 the new case, enter the concrete the total number of 38799 occurred
  • Pakistan Health Ministry said Saturday that he last 24 hours in the corona of the virus 1,581 new case recorded there. After which the total in the country of infection 38,799 case have become. Until now, 834 people died.
  • Your latest statistics in the National Health Service the ministry said that in Punjab so far, a total 14,201, in Sindh, 14,916, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in 5,678, in Balochistan 2,457, Gilgit-Baltistan in 518, in Islamabad 921 and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir in 108 cases is detected.
In South Korea clubs associated with the transition of 162 confirmed cases
  • South Korea’s densely populated Seoul in clubs associated with the transition of 162 cases of confirmed is.
  • The Ministry of health of the officer son the young Rye said Wednesday that in that area the infection prevent you from moving in, perhaps success to be achieved has been, where five million to 10 million population of the country half the population lives.
  • He pointed out that the number of probes increase, despite the last few days in the transition of the Daily growing number of cases less than 30 are.
  • Sone said that the significant thing is that the infected people gin churches, call centres and in the gym were there, the transition to the new case Front did not come.
  • South Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Center said Saturday that the transition of the 19 new cases have surfaced, of which 10 people from abroad have come. In the country of infection so far 11 thousand more than the case have come to the fore.
In Yemen is rapidly spreading infections: health officer
  • Southern Yemen’s main city Aden in the past week hundreds of people are killed corona virus infection such as symptoms occurred. Local health officials said the information given to it.
  • The authorities told them that circumstances and worse to be feared because in Yemen corona virus of suspected cases of Investigation, the capacity is very low and five years of ongoing civil war due to the health system badly her has been.
In Nepal, six new case, the concrete number of 273 occurred
  • Nepal Ministry of health, according to the corona-positive of the six new cases today are entered. Subsequently, the country infected in the total number of cases 273 become.
Trump said that Xi Jinping from just not want to talk
  • The US President Donald Trump by corona virus in the global epidemic handling in the case of Chinese leadership towards its displeasure, indicating that he his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping just do not want to talk.
  • The White House press conference in the Trump question that he was from the XI thing Why do not want it, in response he said to them, not just talking, I want to make. We will see that coming in time what happens.
  • This year at the beginning of the business according to the agreement, China last year than American goods more buying.
  • Trump said that they trade agreement on significantly you are spending, but the trade agreement took my fun a little gritty, you can understand.
  • Trump said that about it I don’t want to talk. I can say that in China our product is buying, but the trade agreement… yet the ink dry, there was from China that this corona virus has arrived. So we are not happy.
In the US in 24 hours 1680 deaths
  • The Johns Hopkins distinction of data according to the states in the corona than in the last 24 hours 1680 deaths are also here, as well as the total number of 87,000 is exceeded.

Corona vaccine developed to work with India are : Trump

  • Indian-American great scientist and researcher, stating the US President Donald Trump said on Friday that India and the United States with cover-19 vaccine developed to are engaged in.
  • Trump told reporters that this year until the end of the cover-19 vaccine is likely to develop.
  • He said that I some time ago have returned from and we have to work with are.

Trump said the Indian-American scientists, researchers praised

  • The US President Donald Trump has lethal corona virus for the treatment of medicines and vaccine to develop to the efforts of the Indian-American Scientists and researchers praised.
  • Trump said that states this global epidemic to deal with India closely working together.
  • He on Friday the White House Rose Garden to reporters, said that in America Indians of the sizeable droves and many people the vaccine developed to work on are. The great scientist and researcher. He has the corona virus in the fight against the Indian-American community’s appreciation of the on the question were answered.

India ventilators will States

  • American President Donald Trump said that I announce proudly that is happening States in India to our friends ventilators will. We have this epidemic of India and Narendra Modi’s stand-by. We have commentary on the development are also cooperating. Together we are invisible the enemy will beat.
  • Trump said that we, in India, many ventilators are shipped, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken. We have enough ventilators are shipped, we have a large number in the ventilators of the supply is.

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