Corona vaccine given through the nose will curb the infection, experts are telling the game changer


All the vaccinations are going on at full speed in the country and the world. Despite all the forms of this vaccine given in the muscles, the infection is not stopping. Meanwhile, nasal vaccines given through the nose have raised a new hope. Trial is going on all over the world on all the nasal vaccines. It is being claimed that this vaccine will be very important towards preventing corona infection. The reason being, this vaccine is given through the nasal route, which is the most important way for the virus to enter. In such a situation, experts are looking at the corona vaccine given through the nose as a gamechanger.

Worldwide trial of seven nasal vaccines

At present, clinical trials of seven vaccines given through the nose are going on all over the world. One of these is the medicine of Bharat Biotech. Others in nasal vaccine trials are those from Oxford University, Ultimune, University of Hong Kong, MISA Vaccines, Codagenics and the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Recently, the company’s doctor Rachez Illa gave information about the nasal vaccine being made by Bharat Biotech. He told that the nasal vaccine will probably relieve us from the problems that are coming in the vaccine given in the muscles. According to experts, the nasal vaccine produces all three types of response in the human body. At the same time, the vaccine given through the muscles does not prevent the infection from entering the body. According to Krishna Illa, founder of Bharat Biotech, the company is expecting some positive results regarding the nasal vaccine in the next two to two and a half months.

Why is there so much hope for this

There are many reasons behind the high expectations about the corona vaccine given through the nose. Actually, vaccination is going on all over the country, but the pace of infection is not being curbed. Experts say that the vaccine given from the muscles protects against the dangers arising from the corona. But it has failed to rein in the pace of infection. In such a situation, it is expected from the nasal vaccine that it will also stop the speed of infection. The reason is that it will be given through the nose and the corona virus mainly enters the body through the nose. If the vaccine enables the nasal system to fight this virus, then the speed of infection will also stop.


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