Corona positivity rate in every district of Kerala is more than 10 percent, half of the country’s cases are getting continuously


Corona virus is slowing down in almost every state across the country. However, Kerala has been among the worst-affected districts since the beginning of the pandemic and the trend continues till now. The situation is that the infection is still beyond the danger level in all the 14 districts of Kerala. The infection rate in these districts still remains more than 10 percent.

If we look at the figures of August 15-21 released by the Union Health Ministry, half of the total cases of the country are still being reported in the state. According to the data, 42 districts of the country still have more than 10 percent infection rate. This means that out of the total number of tests done in a day, more than 10 percent of the samples are being found positive.

According to the World Health Organization, the infection rate of more than 5 percent is a matter of concern. Now the Health Ministry is continuously monitoring the districts with high infection rate. The ministry has divided these districts into three categories. The first where the infection rate is more than 10 percent, the second where the positivity rate is between 5 to 10 percent and the third where it is below 5 percent.


However, the number of districts with a positivity rate of more than 10 percent across the country has decreased from mid-June to mid-August. Where earlier this number was 143, now only 43 districts have more than 10 percent infection rate and the situation in Kerala is at the most worrying level. In Palakkad district of the state, the infection rate has reached 20.89 percent.

Apart from Kerala, 30 districts of eight states and one union territory of the country also have an infection rate of more than 10 percent. Of these, two districts of Rajasthan, one district of Puducherry have the highest infection rate. Apart from this, 4 of the districts with the highest infection rate are from Assam, 9 from Manipur, three from Meghalaya, four from Mizoram and two each from Nagaland and Sikkim.


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