Corona positive bride before marriage, bride dressed in jayamala by going to Kovid ward


The Kerala couple recently got married in a Kovid ward at Alappuzha Media College in Kerala. After testing the groom’s Kovid-19 positive a few days ago, Sarath Som and Abhiram, both of Kanakri’s native in Alappuzha, got married inside the Kovid ward. The bride was transformed into a PPE kit.

There has been a sharp rise in new cases of corona virus in the country. In the wake of the epidemic, marriages of many people have been postponed. But in Kerala, there is also a couple who got married in the Corona ward. Actually, the marriage was pre-decided.

According to an India Today report, the groom got corona infected a few days ago after which he was admitted to a Kovid ward, which became Alappuzha Media College. Sarath and Abhirami, who are from Canakari, got married in the Corona ward. The atmosphere of the entire ward changed when the bride arrived in the hospital wearing a PPE kit to organize the wedding.


Sarath, who is working abroad, got corona infected during his wedding preparations. Later, the mother was also caught by the virus. After this, both were admitted to the Kovid ward at Alappuzha Medical College. After Corona became infected, the family and relatives finally agreed to postpone the wedding to be held on 25 April.

Still, if the family members did not agree, then after getting the necessary permission from the District Collector and other concerned officials, they reached the Kovid ward and got married there. Where the entire patient of the ward became witness to this marriage. The bride and a relative entered the corona ward wearing a PPE kit, where the groom’s mother entrusted the case to the couple.



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