Corona infection spreading from Delta patients even before symptoms appear, claims study


The delta variant is more contagious, it became clear only in the second wave of corona. But new information about its infection has come to the fore that two days before the symptoms appear, the virus starts spreading to another person as well. The scientific study claimed that 74 percent of Delta infections were spread before symptoms appeared.

This has been claimed in a research report published in Nature. Benjamin Cowling, an epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong, who was involved in the study, said that this means that it is extremely difficult to prevent such infections. Probably due to this the disease spread very fast in many countries. In the studies done so far regarding Kovid, it was claimed that after developing symptoms in the infected, it spreads to others. Second, if a person is infected and does not have symptoms of the disease, then the risk of its spread is minimal. But this study has rejected both with respect to Delta.

It took an average of 5.8 days for symptoms to develop


Researchers examined 101 people in May-June. They found that it took an average of 5.8 days for delta infected to develop symptoms. But it was observed that the disease was spreading from such patients to other people on an average 1.8 days before the symptoms developed. Based on this study, researchers have concluded that 74 percent of Delta infections were spreading before symptoms appeared. In one study, it was claimed that delta can be spread from person to person even a day before symptoms develop. This point has been bolstered by the latest study. Expert Vernabe Yuwang of the National Center for Infectious Diseases Singapore says that this study is important. This will help in devising a strategy to prevent the spread of Delta’s spread. Because by not showing symptoms, a person cannot infer that he has become a carrier of the disease.

Delta infection in vaccinated people

A study published in Nature has claimed that people who have been vaccinated are also getting infected with the delta variant. Such things had come before, but this study says that there is no difference between vaccination and non-vaccination in case of delta infection. According to the study done on 719 people, the viral load was also found to be similar in both the groups. The only drawback that has been observed is that the infection is clearing up quickly in the vaccinated people.


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