Corona ended in havoc in Delhi, 2260 new cases, 6453 patients recovered, infection rate at 3%


The second wave of Corona in Delhi is now rapidly getting wrecked. The decrease in new cases is also continuing. In Delhi, where the number of infected fell to 2200 on Saturday, now the infection rate has also come down to 3 percent. It is also a matter of relief that today the number of dead was less than 200.

According to the Health Bulletin released by the Health Department on Saturday, where 2260 new corona patients have been found in the last 24 hours, 182 patients have lost their lives. Now the infection rate has come down to 3.58 percent, from 4.76 on Friday.

Vaccination of youth stopped in Delhi from today, all centers will be closed from tomorrow

According to the bulletin, today, 6,453 patients recovered completely and became corona-free, compared to 7,288 on Friday. The Health Department said that the total number of infected in Delhi so far has been 14,15,219 and 18,060 patients are in home isolation. In the capital, now active cases of corona virus infection have come down to 31,308. With this, a total of 13,60,898 patients have been cured by beating the epidemic. At the same time, the figure of total dead has reached 23,013.

According to the Delhi Health Department, a total of 63,155 tests have been conducted in Delhi in the last 24 hours. Of these, 43,061 included the RTPR / CBNAAT / TRUNAT test and 20,094 rapid antigen test. A total of 18,659,148 tests have been conducted in Delhi so far and 9,82,060 tests have been done per 10 lakh people. With this, the number of containment zones in Delhi has come down to 48,429 today.

Statistics of past 10 infected

21 May 2021: 3,009 new positive cases
20 May 2021: 3,231 new positive cases
19 May 2021: 3,846 new positive cases
18 May 2021: 4,482 new positive cases
17 May 2021: 4,524 new positive cases
16 May 2021: 6,456 new positive cases
15 May 2021: 6,430 new positive cases
14 May 2021: 8,506 new positive cases
13 May 2021: 10,489 new positive cases
12 May 2021: 13,287 new positive cases

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday that the speed of Corona in Delhi has now reduced significantly. The infection rate has also come down to 3.5%, but this does not mean that the risk of corona is now deferred. Kejriwal said that in Delhi, the vaccination of youth above 18 years has stopped since today. The vaccines that the central government sent for the youth are over. Some vaccine doses are left, they are being given in some centers, that too will be over by evening. All the youth vaccination centers in Delhi will be closed from Sunday.

Kejriwal said that the vaccine is the biggest weapon in the ongoing fight against Corona. I appeal to the Central Government to provide adequate vaccine to Delhi. The central government has sent the vaccine for the youth so far. We have asked for more vaccine from the center. I am very sad that due to the end of vaccine, we are having to close youth vaccination centers.




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