Corona defeated 172 kg woman suffering from various diseases like cancer, diabetes, asthma


Covid beaten by 622-year-old Mumbai woman, doctors say coroner’s most challenging patient recovers

In most cases, it has been observed that if older patients suffer from diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, covid, the covid becomes positive, but the chances of survival seem difficult. But the way a 622-year-old 172 kg woman from Mumbai (Mumbai) Corona virus Defeated (coronavirus), doctors consider him a miracle. This was made possible due to timely treatment. “Hospitals, medicine, doctors and the upper arms are important, it’s important,” said healthy patient Mehnaz Lokhandwala. And the love, prayers and blessings of the whole world, all these live our lives. Remember that Corona is not going to defeat us Either I will lose but don’t win from me. ”

Mehnaz Lokhandwala is 62 years old. His weight is 172 kg. These include cancer, diabetes, and asthma. Covid positive

What happened was that his escape was difficult, but the doctors at the Bombay Hospital gave him life, which the doctors themselves think is nothing short of a miracle.

Dr. Gautam Bhansali, Consultant Physician, Bombay Hospital, said, “I was admitted to Bombay Hospital around 2 pm. Oxygen level was 82-84. The condition was not normal. There was cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma. Neck. It was difficult to install a ventilator. Inside Difficult situation I also admitted him. We keep the oxygen flow high. Keep 15 liters of oxygen. This went on for four days. The X-rays were very pathetic. The condition worsens even if the medication is started according to the Covid protocol. The final beep had to be put into the machine.

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Mehnaz, who was in a hospital in Bombay for about a month, where he was breathing with 15 liters of oxygen per minute, is now getting one liter of oxygen at home after being exhausted. He said that if he had been admitted on time, he could have recovered faster. He is also giving an important message to those who are fleeing the hospital and taking tests, “Don’t make this mistake.” I made a mistake, I didn’t go to the hospital for two days. If I had left two days earlier, I would have recovered earlier. If the doctor goes, go. Lots of oxygen is needed. Please listen to your doctor. I wasn’t going either. Everyone forcibly sent me two and a half hours a night.


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Dr Vansali, a consultant physician at Bombay Hospital, said he was able to survive as soon as treatment was started on time. Doctors call him the most challenging patient of Kovid. Dr. Gautam Bhansali said that “BIPP was kept in the machine for ten days. Gradually the condition got better. On 1-17-1-17, his covid report came negative. Two transferred from ICU, still kept in BIPP. Slowly the X-ray healed, now there is a liter of oxygen, a month and four days later, he was discharged, he was a very challenging patient, and when such a patient recovers, he gets a different happiness.


Mehnaz, who went to the hospital on August 26, is now recovering at his home. But a month-long dangerous covid journey sends the message that timely treatment can save the lives of covid patients who are already suffering from other serious illnesses and physical disabilities.

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