Conspiracy hatched against India in Kandahar? Chinese envoy and Jaish commander held secret meeting with Taliban leadership


From Taliban rule in Afghanistan to China, Pakistan to terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed is also very happy. Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu and Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed’s chief operational commander Mufti Abdul Rauf Azhar met the Taliban leadership in Kandahar on Thursday and congratulated Sunni Pashtun Islamists for taking over Afghanistan. It is being told that both have held separate secret meetings with the Taliban leadership. It is important to know here that Mullah Baradar and Mullah Omar’s son and Taliban’s deputy leader Mullah Yakub are both in Kandahar. Mullah Biradar is considered a strong contender by the Taliban for the post of President of Afghanistan.

While Chinese Ambassador Wang met his Pakistani counterpart on Wednesday to extend all possible cooperation on the Afghan issue, he is believed to have visited Kandahar to offer Beijing’s help in rebuilding Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. He also met Mulla Baradar. It is to be noted here that China is not only happy with the humiliation of America at the hands of Taliban, but also wants to complete the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) in the name of reconstruction in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Also, China is eyeing the vast reserves of lithium, copper and such rare minerals in Afghanistan. Not only this, China has big plans to reach the Central Asian republics through Afghanistan to extract gas and mineral resources. China will also need the Taliban to complete the One Belt, One Road project, as this road leads through Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Mufti Rauf of Jaish-e-Mohammed, the Taliban’s ideological partner in jihad, met Mullah Yakub in Kandahar to offer allegiance on behalf of the Bahawalpur-based terror group Jaish. Let us inform that Mutti Rauf is the brother of terrorist Masood Azhar, who is most wanted for many terrorist attacks in India. Jaish leader Maulana Masood Azhar was a Deobandi ideologue at the Harkat-ul-Ansar terror training camp in Khost before being arrested from Srinagar in 1994. Azhar formed Jaish after his release in the Kandahar plane hijack case. The Taliban helped in getting Masood Azhar released in December 1999. Because at that time Afghanistan was occupied by the Taliban and with the help of the then ruling Taliban leadership, the hijack of the entire plane was planned.


The dual character of Taliban is coming to the fore from the latest developments. On the one hand, the current Taliban leadership is telling the world that it will not allow Afghan soil to be used against any third country, while the UN-designated terrorist group Suni Pashtun (Taliban)’s Al Qaeda and Jaish-e- Very close ties with Mohamed. The two global terror groups based in Pakistan are looking for safe havens inside Taliban-ruled Afghanistan to train their cadres and carry out terror attacks on their adversaries. The Taliban have openly described jihad as their fundamental Islamic duty.

On the one hand, Masood Azhar is living in high security protection in Bahawalpur Madrasa, Pakistan. On the other hand, his brother Mufti Rauf Azhar is holding a meeting with the Taliban leadership in Kandahar. In such a situation, India’s concern increases, because the main target of Jaish has been India. Masood Azhar’s elder brother Ibrahim Azhar, who plotted the Kandahar plane hijack, oversees the terror group’s Afghan operations.

According to Indian counter-terrorism experts, with the rise of Taliban in Kabul, Jaish will become more active and there will be a rise in Islamic extremism across South Asia. Not only this, China also seems to be benefiting from the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. With the help of Taliban, Dragon will keep pressure on India along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and strengthen its ties with India’s adversaries in the neighbourhood. Experts also agree that the rise of the Taliban will have implications for India’s internal security.


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