Congress’s serious allegations on Modi government, said – there was nexus with CBI-ED to cover up the Rafale deal


The Congress on Tuesday hit out at the Narendra Modi government over the news of a French news portal in the context of the Rafale jet deal, alleging that there was a tussle between the central government and the CBE and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to cover up the “scam”. There was collusion. Former party president Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “When the truth is with you every step of the way, then what is there to worry about? My Congress colleagues – keep fighting against the corrupt central government like this. Don’t wait, don’t get tired, don’t be afraid!

These allegations have been made by Congress and Rahul Gandhi when the French portal ‘Media Part’ has claimed in a report that the Rafale manufacturer Dassault has been accused of giving a bribe of at least 7 million euros to middlemen. Alleged fake receipts have been used for this.

There has been no response from the Defense Ministry and Dassault on the claims of Congress and this portal. Talking to reporters, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera alleged, “Operation cover-up” by the Modi government to bury corruption, bribery and complicity in the “Rafale deal” has been exposed once again. The latest revelations reveal a suspected nexus between the Modi government-CBI-ED to cover up the Rafale scam.

According to him, “On October 4, 2018, two former Union ministers of BJP and a senior lawyer submitted a complaint to the Director, CBI, citing rampant corruption in the Rafale deal. On October 11, 2018, the Government of Mauritius, through its Attorney General, had supplied documents to the CBI in connection with the alleged payment of commission related to the Rafale deal.

Kheda alleged, “On 23 October 2018, a committee headed by PM Modi removed CBI Director Alok Verma in a midnight coup and appointed his favorite officer M Nageswara Rao as the CBI chief. It was part of a conspiracy to bury the Rafale case through the CBI.

The Congress spokesperson claimed, “The Rafale scam is not the so-called commission payment of Rs 60-80 crore. This is the biggest defense scam and only an independent investigation is capable of unearthing the scam.” Had it. Modi government bought the same Rafale fighter plane (without any tender) for 1670 crores and the difference in cost of 36 jets that India got without technology transfer is around 41,205 crores.


Who earned money and how much bribe was given: Kheda

Khera asked, “Will the Modi government answer why we are paying an additional Rs 41,205 crore for the same 36 aircraft without technology transfer in India? Who made the money and how much bribe was paid?” He alleged, citing a ‘Media Mart’ report, “The middleman Sushen Gupta had in 2015 transferred confidential documents related to the Indian Negotiating Team (INT) from the Defense Ministry to India. Caught giving details of the stand. During the final stages of negotiations with the negotiators and specifically how they calculated the cost of the aircraft. This has clearly and directly benefited Dassault Aviation (Rafale).

Pawan Kheda showered questions

He claimed that several “secret documents” of the Defense Ministry were recovered from middlemen in the Enforcement Directorate raids. “Was there any such meeting with the “high command” in the Modi government? Why didn’t the ED take forward these evidences to probe the scam? Then why did the Modi government not take action against Dassault, the political executive or the Defense Ministry officials who leaked the documents? Which ‘Chowkidar’ sold India’s national secrets?

Khera further questioned, “Despite the Defense Ministry’s insistence in the Inter-Governmental Agreement in July 2015, why was the approval to remove the ‘anti-corruption clause’ given by the Prime Minister and the Modi government in September 2016? Is this the reason why CBI-ED refused to probe corruption in Rafale deal from October 11, 2018 till date?

He also asked, “How and why was the number of Rafale aircraft reduced from 126 to 36 without consulting the Indian Air Force? Why did he deny technology transfer to India and the creation of Rafale by HAL?


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