Congress wants to adopt a new attitude and new style, Sonia has given many messages calling herself ‘boss’


Congress is changing its attitude. The party is trying to mold itself in a new way. He is no longer concerned about the dissenting voices rising within the party. She wants to achieve the goal with her ideology and is preparing herself for this struggle. Giving a clear message to the disgruntled leaders of party president Sonia Gandhi in the CWC, she has stamped all the decisions taken in the last two years by claiming herself as the full-time president. The message is clear that to question Rahul Gandhi’s leadership is to question him.

In the process of organization elections, Rahul Gandhi expects a new Congress to emerge. Rahul wants to strengthen the party at the ideological level. Therefore, he wants to add such people in the new Congress, who will never compromise on the level of ideology. Rahul Gandhi said that we are fighting with a big ideology. The ideology of the party should be very clear. We should know what we are fighting for. What is our purpose? According to him, if we have faith in our ideology, then we will not be afraid of the RSS.


Priyanka Gandhi is also with Rahul Gandhi in this battle of ideology. This is the reason why he left no stone unturned to target the RSS and the BJP while appealing to Rahul to become the party president. Along with this, he advocated the training of party workers and leaders. A senior member of the CWC said that the manner in which Rahul Gandhi has spoken in the meeting has raised an expectation. He wants to give a new look to the party. But he is not keen to work with the old team as before. So, he wants his new team.



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