Congress told its own MLA ‘BJP’s agent’, sent show cause notice


The Assam Congress on Friday issued a show cause notice to one of its sitting MLAs for making statements against the policies of the party. It is alleged that the Congress MLA made statements in matters of communal color with great tendency to destroy the social harmony of Assam. Gave. The party has also termed the Congress MLA as an agent of the BJP.

In a show-cause notice issued to MLA Sharman Ali Ahmed, the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) said, “You are working as an agent of BJP while being a part of Congress party. You are special because of your proximity to CM Himanta Biswa Sarma. I am being sponsored to make such remarks to harm Congress at election time.”

Assam Congress in show cause notice to Sharman Ali Ahmed said, “As an MLA, your communally provocative remarks in the media are grating the old wounds of the past incidents of the Assam agitation. Your statement is completely true to the people of all communities.” Insensitive and unnecessary for APCC. Your comments before the by-elections are considered politically motivated with an intention to harm the Congress party.”


“You are directed to send your reply to the APCC Chairman within three days from the date of receipt of this letter,” the show cause notice said.

Sherman Ali Ahmed told the media, the eight people killed by suspected Bangladeshi migrants in Dholpur area in 1983 during the Assam agitation were not martyrs but murderers. Sherman Ali Ahmed said, “They (eight people including the brother of a former minister) had killed many people during that time in the name of Assam movement. As the villagers were afraid of them and used to kill them to protect themselves.”

Several political, non-political organizations have strongly condemned the controversial communal statement made by Congress MLA Sharman Ali Ahmed and demanded an unconditional apology from him.


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