Congress launches ‘Save Agriculture Journey’ in protest of Agriculture Act, Rahul Gandhi surrounds Modi government


The Congress has been constantly opposing the new agriculture law brought by the Modi government at the Center. The Congress has started a three-day ‘Save the Farm’ campaign today in support of Punjab-Haryana farmers and against the Agriculture Act. Moga district of Punjab has become the first stop of Rahul Gandhi’s journey. According to media reports, the Kisan Jatra will start in Moga and end in Haryana. This journey will end by tractor.


On this occasion, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi questioned the Modi government and asked what was the need to implement these laws in Kovid-19? If you have to implement, you should have discussed it in the Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha. The Prime Minister said that laws are being made for the farmers. If this is the case then why don’t you just talk about it. If farmers are happy with these laws, why are they protesting across the country? Why is every farmer protesting in Punjab?

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The Yogi government has surrounded the incident of Hatras

At that time Rahul Gandhi further said that I was in UP where a girl was killed. No action has been taken against those who killed him. In the family where the girl died, their house is locked. He was threatened by DM and CM. The situation in India is similar. Nothing happens to the perpetrator but action is taken against the victim

At the same time, during the Congress’s campaign to save the farm in Mogher, Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh said that their promise to make MSP compulsory would not come into force unless the laws passed in Parliament were amended.

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