Cold medicine, rain and umbrella; PM Modi explained why caution is necessary for Corona


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a meeting with the Chief Ministers regarding the growing case of Corona virus in the country. In the meeting with the Chief Ministers, PM Modi emphasized on ‘medicine as well as hardness’. PM Modi said that we have to be careful before and after taking the vaccine. Talking to the Chief Minister, PM Modi also gave an example of cold and rain.


PM Modi said that if you have taken cold medicine and if it rains outside and you say that I will not use umbrellas, it will not work. If you have a cold, have taken medicines, have been cured, even if it is raining, you will have to keep an umbrella. Will have to wear rain coat. Similarly, this corona is a disease for which every protocol has to be followed. PM Modi said that just like we controlled the corona last time, we will do it this time too, I am sure.

Advice to control through Containment Zone

After a review meeting with the Chief Ministers, appealed to the people not to be negligent on one side, and advised the State Governments to increase the testing and control the corona through the Containment Zone. PM Modi has also announced that Tika Utsav will be celebrated in the country from 11 to 14 April. During this time, he has asked the states to get more and more people aged above 45 years vaccinated. PM Modi has also made it clear that the complete lockdown in the country is not going to happen.

We have a better experience than before: PM

PM Modi said, “Despite all these challenges, we have a better experience, resources, and vaccine than ever before.” Along with public participation, our hardworking doctors and health-care staff have helped a lot in handling the situation and continue to do so today. Test, track, treat and covid approp behavior and covid management, these are the things we have to emphasize. ”


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