Clouds of uncertainty over Afghan school in Delhi


For the last several years, a school for Afghans is running in Delhi. Most of the outsiders are unaware of this school. This Afghan school has served as a beacon of hope for the distressed Afghan community in Delhi for the past several years. There is an Afghan school named Jamal-al-Din Afghani in the Bhogal area of ​​Delhi. At present, more than 500 children from class 1 to class 12 study here. However, with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, the future of the school is clouded by uncertainty.

The school was still dependent on the Afghan government for financial support. According to eminent educationist Professor AM Shah, “In the current situation, there is an apprehension that the effect of political turmoil in war-torn Afghanistan may lead to school closure. If this happens, it will deprive Afghan children living in India of opportunities for good education.” DD Dutt, a local resident and a teacher by profession, expressed concern over the current situation in the school and said that the students’ studies here should not be stopped under any circumstances. Especially on such an occasion, when the country of these students is facing a big challenge. Like Dutt, many other teachers and educationists also believe that this Afghan school should not be closed in this hour of crisis. According to educationist NL Khan, “governments should come forward to save the school and continue education here, because it is not just a school, but an institution of democratic Afghanistan” although in the meantime the administration of this Afghan school in Delhi has firmly decided to keep the school running.

According to the school administration, studies will continue in the school. Even if the school administration has to face financial crisis. At present, like other schools in Delhi, physical classes have not started in the school in view of the corona epidemic, due to which students and teachers are not coming to school. Here the studies are going on only through online medium. The hopes of the school administration are not completely tarnished yet. This Afghan school still hopes that the new government to be formed in Afghanistan will take care of this school in Delhi.


School Established in 1994 This school was established in 1994 and belonged to an NGO, Women’s Federation for Work. Later in the early 2000s the NGO closed the school. For a few days, this school was also run with the amount of donations, although after this the Afghan government supported it. Since then the rent of the school building, the salary for the teachers and even the books were taken care of by the Afghan government. IANS.


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