CJI Raman advocated law and order reforms, said- fear of courts should be removed in common man


Chief Justice of India NV Ramana while advocating for reforms in the law and order system of the country said that our judicial system sometimes creates many obstacles for the common man. A common man should not feel intimidated by judges or courts in coming to court, he should get the courage to speak the truth. For this, it is the responsibility of the lawyers and judges to create a comfortable environment for the litigants and other stakeholders. It is very important to make the judicial system easy and effective.

Justice Ramana on Saturday observed that the working and functioning of the dalits do not match with the complexities of India. Our systems, procedures and rules are colonial in origin and do not match the needs of the Indian population. When I say Indianisation, I mean the need to accept the practical realities of our society and localize our justice system. For example, the parties involved in a family dispute in a village usually feel in court as if nothing is happening for them, they do not understand the arguments, which are mostly in English.

The Chief Justice said that these days the judgments have become lengthy, which further complicates the position of the litigants. One is forced to spend more money to understand the impact of the decision. Courts should be litigant centered. It will be important to make the justice delivery system more transparent, accessible and effective.


Tribute paid to late Judge Shantanagoudar

The Chief Justice had attended an event organized here to pay tribute to the late Justice Mohan M Shantanagoudar. Recalling the contribution of Justice Shantanagoudar, he said, in his passing, the country has lost a common man’s judge. I personally lost a good friend and valuable colleague. Justice Shantanagoudar died on April 25 at a private hospital in Gurugram, where he was admitted due to a lung infection. He was 62 years old.



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