China, which openly supports terrorists, was stunned by the attack on CPEC, angered India and America too


Sometimes China becomes a shield for Masood Azhar and sometimes his love spills over to the Taliban. But today suddenly China has described terrorists and their supporters as their enemies. Felt something strange? Wait, China has no problem with all the terrorists, it is only angry with the terrorists who have once again bombed its multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He has not only blamed Pakistan for this attack by the Balochistan Army Liberation (BLA), but has also taken out anger on India and America.

On Friday, a fidayeen attack targeting a convoy of Chinese engineers was carried out in Gwadar, Pakistan, in which two Pakistani children are reported to have been killed, while several, including a Chinese national, were injured. The BLA has claimed responsibility for the attack. When China reprimanded Pakistan on Saturday, the government’s mouthpiece Global Times has said that terrorists and their supporters are enemies of China.

The Global Times has written in an editorial that Balochistan is the most dangerous province for Chinese citizens and there have been many terrorist attacks here in the last few years. The CPEC is part of the Belt and Road (BRI) initiative, the dream project of Chinese President Xi Jinping and passes through Balochistan. The newspaper wrote that the citizens of Balochistan had no enmity with China, but they formed terrorist organizations because of the negative perception towards the central governments of Pakistan. To put pressure on the Pakistani government, they started targeting Chinese citizens.


Anger on India and America
The Global Times also pulled up on India and America for these attacks and baseless allegations. The newspaper writes that some terrorist organizations in Pakistan are targeting the BRI, which are being instigated by international forces. Intelligence agencies of America and India are targeting BRI to stop China’s progress.

Help sought from Taliban
Describing the Taliban as the new government of Afghanistan, it has been said that they should take action against the terrorist organizations that flourished in Afghanistan and are now active in Pakistan. China’s approach to the new government of Afghanistan will be based on this. It is to be noted that the newspaper has not written that action should be taken against all terrorist organizations.


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