China told Britain – India and we have enough intelligence, no need to read a third of it


After America, Britain has also sided with India. Britain says Ladakh’s actions by China were worrisome. This put a lot of pressure on China. China replied angrily that India and we have a lot of knowledge. In such a situation, we do not need a third party to solve the mutual problem.


Britain has called on China to be responsible

On Thursday, British High Commissioner Philip Burton said China’s move in Hong Kong and Ladakh was worrying. Not only that, he even said that there have been many challenges from China’s activities. He said Britain was working closely with the United States to address this challenge.

“We have no border dispute with China,” he said. But the new protection law imposed by China on Hong Kong violates the agreement between Britain and China. He said China was also violating the human rights of Weiger Muslims in Xinjiang province. This is also a matter of concern for us.

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China said – Britain is dancing under the direction of Britain

China said Britain was dancing perfectly to the US gesture. He banned the Chinese company Huawei in Britain at the behest of the United States. Explain that there is a conflict between Britain and China over the South China Sea. In the case of the South China Sea, China has directly blamed the United States for this. It has also called into question Hong Kong’s outside intervention.

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