China-Pakistan gave signs of friendship, Britain in protest, know how Taliban relations can live with which country


The countries of the world seem to be divided on the issue of the legitimacy of the Taliban’s power in Afghanistan. Some are with the Taliban, some are in opposition and some countries have not opened their cards. Britain has announced not to recognize the authority of the Taliban, while China and Pakistan have indicated friendship with the Taliban, saying that they will not close their embassy in Kabul. A few days ago Qatar, Germany and Turkey have also opposed the Taliban. The positions of the major countries are as follows-

Britain: Britain has said that the Taliban cannot be recognized by the government of Afghanistan. Criticizing the Taliban’s control, Britain said it was a failure of the international community. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that the West did a half-hearted job in Afghanistan. He said that the problem in Afghanistan is not over yet, the world should help.

India: India is yet to open its cards on the issue of Taliban rule over Afghanistan. However, a few days ago, India had said that it would not recognize a government formed on the basis of violence and coercion in Afghanistan.


America: The US has been a supporter of the Afghan government since its inception. A few days ago, President Biden said that the Afghan army would have to defeat the Taliban on its own. But Biden has not yet given a clear answer to the question of recognizing the Taliban since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan.

China: China has said that it will maintain friendly relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan. China is eyeing Afghanistan to reach Central Asia.

Russia: The Russian government has not yet opened its cards regarding relations with the Taliban. The Special Representative of the Russian President said that our embassy officials are in talks with Taliban officials. What will be Russia’s stance towards the Taliban will be decided later.

Clean: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Monday that the international community should stay in touch with Afghanistan. While advocating for maintaining ties with the Taliban, Qureshi said – we believe that the only way forward is to find a political solution through dialogue, we do not want to see a continuing civil war.


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