Child marriage kills more than 60 girls in a day across the world, shocking report surfaced


Child marriage kills more than 60 girls every day worldwide and six girls a day in South Asia. A new analysis released on International Day of the Girl Child claims that around 22,000 girls are dying every year due to pregnancies and childbirth due to child marriage.

This report by ‘Save the Children’ says that there are 2,000 deaths related to child marriage in South Asia every year. This is followed by 650 deaths each year in East Asia and the Pacific, and 560 in Latin America and the Caribbean. “An estimated 22,000 girls die every year due to pregnancy and child marriages,” the report said. More than 60 girls die every day from child marriage and six girls die every day in South Asia.

However, West and Central Asia have the highest rates of child marriage in the world and account for nearly half (9,600) of child marriage deaths worldwide, or 26 deaths per day. The report said, “While nearly 80 million child marriages have been prevented worldwide in the past 25 years, progress has stalled even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pandemic has deepened inequalities leading to increased child marriages.” . Women and girls are at increased risk of violence during lockdown as schools close, health services are under pressure, and more families move into poverty. By 2030, one crore more girls are expected to be married, ie more girls are in danger of dying.

Inger Esching, chief executive officer of Save the Children International, said child marriage is the worst and most deadly form of sexual and sexual violence against girls. Every year lakhs of girls are forced to marry men who are much older than them, thereby taking away their opportunity to learn, live childhood and in many cases survive.


Appeal to the government to give priority to the girl child

“Giving birth to a child is the number one killer for teenage girls because their young age is not ready to give birth,” she said. The health hazards of having baby girls cannot be ignored. The government should give priority to the girl child and ensure that they are saved from child marriages and premature birth deaths. This can happen only if they have a role to play in decisions affecting girls.

this is our collective failure

Sudarshan, CEO, Save the Children, India said, “We at Bal Raksha Bharat want to see child marriages confined to museums and history. It is our collective failure that even in this century there is such a prevalent and enduring crime against humanity. All those who are not part of the solution must consider themselves part of the problem. “Depriving children, and especially the girl child, their basic right to learn and enjoy a happy and carefree childhood is a violation of human rights and needs to be condemned,” he said. It should not be dismissed as a cultural element and instead it should be seen as a denial of the fundamental right to life and liberty.’

Demand to guarantee the rights of girls

In a global report titled ‘Global Girlhood Report 2021: The Rights of Girls in Crisis’ released on Monday by Save the Children, the organization is calling on governments to raise the voice of girls by supporting their right to safe and meaningful participation in all public decision-making. Is. The organization also demanded that governments should guarantee the rights of all girls by developing inclusive policies and programs that address inequality and various forms of discrimination (based on gender, race, disability, economic background, etc.)



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