Challenged for the first time in 40 years, where did the captain become weak; Why did Congress change ‘Captain’? understand everything


Captain Amarinder Singh, who was weakened by the anti-incumbency environment and the battle for supremacy in the party, finally had to leave. Congress was constantly giving him time to recover, but the Captain failed to understand the signals. The party leadership was beginning to feel that the Captain could hardly get the Congress to win the elections. His statements about the farmers’ movement and failure to fulfill election promises have played a big role in this. The party feared that the aggressiveness with which the Aam Aadmi Party was campaigning would be difficult to counter with the captain. Therefore, the party decided to call the meeting at the last minute.

Options open for future politics

This decision of the party has also increased the challenges in the elections. With his resignation from the post of Chief Minister, the Captain has made it clear that the options for future politics are open. In such a situation, the Captain will not sit comfortably by handing over the Chief Minister’s post to someone else. But this is perhaps the first time in Captain’s 40-year political career that he has been challenged by someone.

failed to deliver on election promises

In the politics of Punjab Congress, there has been an umbrella rule of Captain. He merged his Akali Dal (Panthik) party with the Congress in 1998 and became chief minister four years later in 2002. It is true that the entire credit for the victory in 2017 was given to Captain, but in the last four and a half years, he has failed to fulfill his election promises.

Captain will just wait for the right time


Therefore, the Congress leadership had to summon the Captain several times and give instructions. But now the question is what option does the captain have. A senior party leader said that the captain will wait for the right time. He will see to whom the party entrusts the responsibility of Chief Minister after him, after which he will take a decision.

Not much choice for future politics

The Captain does not have much option for future politics. It is difficult for the Captain to join the BJP because of the farmers’ movement. At the same time, the BJP will not want to take the failures of the Captain government on its head. Along with this, his age is also more. The Aam Aadmi Party has spoken so much against him that it will be difficult to take him along. In such a situation, the captain has the option of forming a new party.

If Amarinder Singh leaves the Congress, it is difficult to say how many MLAs will accompany him. A party leader who has known Captain for a long time said that had he had the support of more MLAs than Sidhu, he would never have resigned before the legislature party meeting. So, he will wait for the right time while in the party and then plan his future strategy.



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