Central government will not open special colleges for indigenous training, SC rejects proposal


The Central Government has rejected the Supreme Court’s proposal to create a cadre system for judges of lower courts and open special Central Training Colleges for them. Courses of judges were started in this college like LLB in Law College and they were directly appointed as judges in lower courts. The proposal to set up a Central Judge Training Institute was made by Chief Justice SA Bobde, who retired last month. He wanted that what is taught in law colleges makes students lawyers but not judges.

He believes that judgeship is a different genre that should be taught separately. When law graduate lawyers become judges after judicial examination, they are sent for training in judicial academies. The judicial court is in almost every state and works under the direction of the respective High Court.


Justice Bobde believed that after the selection, there should be a central institute college in which only the judges should be educated, instead of sending the judge for training. There should be entrance examination for the judge course and after doing the course, they should be directly engaged in judicial service. He took the example of Pune-based Army Medical Colleges in which the 12th pass students are taught MBBS on the basis of entrance examinations and are directly commissioned into the military services. For this they are made to bond for some years of essential service.

According to sources, Justice Bobde had also formed a three-member committee for these colleges, which studied the medical colleges of the army and prepared the report. The committee had found that under the direction of the Supreme Court, there is no problem in the formation of such colleges in which future judicial officers can be trained. The Judicial Academy is in almost every state and works under the direction of the respective High Court.

Significantly, there are vacancies of about 5000 judicial officers in the lower courts of the country and the burden of lawsuits is around 2.5 lakhs. Sources said that the proposal was sent to the central government. But the Law and Justice Ministry called it out of the jurisdiction of the judicial system and said that Parliament can take a decision on it. Last month Justice Bobde retired and the motion went into abeyance.



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