Center and Bengal government’s quarrel continues, now Amit Shah writes to Mamta, accuses of ignoring workers


new Delhi: The feud between West Bengal and the central government continues. Home Minister Amit Shah has written a strong letter to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. In the letter, Amit Shah has made a big charge of not approving the labor trains run for the migrant laborers. Amit Shah has also said in the letter that the central government is making arrangements to send migrant laborers, but the Bengal government is not supporting the central government.


The Union Home Minister has said in a letter to the Chief Minister of West Bengal that the Central Government is taking the migrant laborers to their home states. So far, over two lakh laborers have been transported to their home state through trains. But the West Bengal government is not supporting the Center at all in this matter. Whereas the migrant laborers present in West Bengal are very anxious to go to their home districts. Arrangements have also been made by the central government to take the laborers from West Bengal to their home district and states, but the West Bengal government is not giving any support to the center in this matter, which is very sad.

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It has been further written in the letter that the State Government is not giving permission to the labor trains carrying migrant workers of West Bengal from other states to Bengal. It would be unfair to do so with the workers of West Bengal. This can push the migrant workers of West Bengal into a difficult situation.

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